Brief History

The Wolfpack Techies initially started as a class project in a computer hardware class, called “Feed the Geeks: in the fall of 2008. The instructor of the class wanted to provide students with a ‘real-world’ working experience by bringing computers into the classroom for the students to work on. The class constructed a plan and created the project, “Feed the Geeks”, which proved to be a great success.

Each week, the hardware class had customers dropping off computers for service, which provided invaluable hands-on experience for students. The class was able to accept computers for repair until the last week of the semester.  After analyzing feedback from market research at the end of the project, the Techies found there was a much larger demand for this service than originally had been anticipated.


The Wolfpack Techies have now evolved into an ultra professional grade operation.  Initially developed from a classroom project, the Techies have grown into an efficient real-world computer repair service.  Operated with student management, the Techies are staffed with trained technicians and faculty oversight.  From those modest beginnings, the Techies operation has evolved in to a dedicated workshop.