The WolfPack Techies are a computer repair shop offering service free of charge to all current students, faculty, and staff.  The Techies, established in 2008 as part of a class project, are located in a spacious office suite that includes a large workroom. Staff is comprised of IT students who generously donate their time and talents to provide this free computer repair service.

In House Services:

  • Virus scans/Malware eradication
  • Data Backups
  • Diagnostic analysis
  • Hardware repair
  • Operating system installs
  • Much more

Virus Scans/Malware Eradication

Is your computer sick?  The Techies can remove nasty infections that your computer may have on it, like a virus, worm, or a trojan.  The Techies have a variety of free anti-malware programs and tips and tricks to get your computer healthy again.

Documents and System Backups

Afraid you might lose your valuable data just before semester finals? Bring your computer in to the WolfPack Techies to get a backup performed. Backups help prevent data loss – you won’t lose valuable documents AND the WolfPack Techies can teach you how to keep a regular backup.  Accidentally deleted an important file?  The WolfPack Techies have the software to get it back.

Computer Diagnostic and Repair

Have a computer that just won’t boot up or getting the dreaded, ‘Blue Screen of Death’.  If you don’t know what’s wrong, bring your computer in to the Techies and have a trained WolfPack Techie technician check it out and diagnose the problem.

Hardware Repair or Upgrades

Do you want to improve your system but don’t know what kind of hardware to purchase? Bring your computer in and the Techies can help you decide what is best for your system.  Broken screen on your laptop? The Techies can replace that for you.

System Optimization

The WolfPack Techies can help return your system to peek performance – just like it was when you first purchased the computer.  System optimization can speed up your computer and get it running the way it should.

Operating System Installs/Software Updates/Software Upgrades

Want to move to the latest operating system but don’t want to deal with the hassle? Let Techie technicians take care of that so you can sit back and relax.

Repair Process

Computers are serviced on a first-come, first serve basis. The repair process could involve running scans, checking the system, and verifying the root of the problem.   Another component in the process is the volume of computers the Techies take in – some weeks are much more active.  The WolfPack Techies goal is to keep in communication with the customer about the length of time for each repair.

What we don’t do

The Techies do not make any purchases. It is expected that the customer will order and purchase any item needed to complete the repair process, including software. The Techies will attempt to provide recommendations on product purchases.  Every effort is made to provide a solid recommendation. (The Techies will not provide a recommendation for purchases on Ebay, as the legitimacy of products sold has not been satisfactorily proven.)