In House Services

All services are performed in the techies where you must bring in your computer and check it in for us to be able to work on the computer and determine what might be wrong with it.

Malware Eradication

We can remove just about any Virus, Trojan, Worm or any other nasty infection your computer may have. We have many free anti-malware programs and tricks we use to make sure your computer is infection free!

Documents and System Backups

Afraid you might lose your valuable data just before finals? Bring your computer in to get a backup done! This will prevent you from losing any valuable documents and our technicians can teach you how to keep a regular back up so you won’t lose anything!

Computer Diagnostic and Repair

Do you have a computer that just won’t boot up? Are you getting a ‘Blue Screen of Death!’ or just don’t know what’s wrong? Bring your computer to us and we can diagnose the problem and figure out what’s wrong!

Hardware Replacement or Upgrades

Do you want to improve your system but don’t know what kind of hardware to get? Bring it in and we can help you decide what is best for your system and we can even install it for you!

System Optimization

We can help get your system back to the way it was when you first turned it on. System optimization will speed up your computer and get it running the way it should.

Operating System or Software Updates and Upgrades

Do you want to move to the latest operating system but don’t want to deal with the hassle? Let our technicians take care of that so you can sit back and relax!